ASUU finally embarked on an indefinite strike.

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) begins a total and indefinite strike to press home their demands, after a nationwide referendum of the Union covering their branches .

The strike is being embarked on for a reason not far from the insensitivity of Nigerian government.

The FGN in 2009 entered an agreement with the union to meet her demands, the inability of the government to meet these demands led to an indefinite strike in 2013 which lasted for six months thereby stagnating the lives of millions of Nigerian students. Such that dreams were quashed, destinies destroyed, social vices increased amongst other societal damaging activities.

Agreements were reached, commitment was shown by the government during the strike that led to suspension of the six months strike.

Towards the end of the year 2016, after three years of the suspension of strike, ASUU sprang up again threatening to go on strike despite the involvement of the National Assembly and pleas from stakeholders, ASUU never looked back as the union proceeded on a nationwide warning strike which lasted for a week.

Here we are, after eight months, the union is back in the news, for no other reason but strike, not just strike but an indefinite one.

The troubling question is ; ‘WHY IS #NIGERIA LIKE THIS? ‘

To the government’s insensitivity:

Where is your pro-activeness?

Must they wait for damage before taking action?

Why must they enter an agreement they can’t keep?

Where is their commitment to our collective existence?

To the #ASUU

Must it be strike?

Is there no more potent means of driving home your demands?

How about the National Industrial Court (NIC) that adjudicates on issues of industrial disputes

Must the students suffer the brunt of our leaders’ incompetencies.

You went on strike in 2009,2013,2016 and the resolutions has been you signs agreement, suspend strike, what is the hope that this strike will not end as others.

Its high time the Union identify a more potent means of achieving their demands rather than strike which only achievement is stagnation of students’ existence.

Is it a case of a union cherishing strike?

For in your referendum, there exists options of two weeks’ strike, a month’ strike as well as the option of an indefinite one which the union opted for. Why must it be ‘#indefinite’?

To the students, your only say is appeal to both parties to resolve their differences ASAP for the country have turned the students to toothless small animals that must bear the brunt of two large animals fighting for their interests.

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